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Whether you’re trying to reach one specific demographic, or you’re trying to reach the heart and soul of the entire multicultural market: Motivate moves your message in ways you never even knew were possible.

We’ve developed strategic, technological, philosophical, creative-ological processes in order to reach the multitudes. Your multicultural budget, strategy and message are all different than the rest of your marketing plan. You cannot speak to a Latino market the same way you might to, say, an African American market, or to Elderly Men, or to Jewish Women, or to Navy Lieutenants, or to Asian teens, or to….

That’s a lot of different voices.

You can’t reach them all through the same channels either. There are thousands of specialty publications, tens of thousands of multimedia outlets and millions of messaging opportunities that most marketers don’t even know exist.

But we do. It’s all we do. Learn more at MediaToMotivate.com


EPMG brings you a special insight initiative that showcases the power of leveraging local Spanish-language newspapers. Alive and Thriving, based on an exclusive study by Nielsen for EPMG, reveals groundbreaking findings about U.S. Latino media consumption, engagement, acculturation levels, and reach. Alive and Thriving features 5 signature Latino markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Diego, and their respective newspaper consumption behaviors, illuminated by infographics, data and interviews.

Jan16Coming Soon
DALLAS DMA: What percent of Dallas Latinos, both unacculturated and acculturated, have read a Hispanic newspaper in the last 7 days? EPMG reports the results January 2014.
Feb01Coming Soon
SAN DIEGO DMA: A vast majority of Hispanics in San Diego are reading 1 of 3 Spanish-language newspapers. EPMG shares insight February 2014.